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Monday, October 14, 2013

Trying to wipe the slate clean

Have been using the past few days to try and tie up the loose ends on a dozen different things. Clear my plate so I can work on some new things.

Finished print!  Waxed with some brown beeswax.  Gives it a different look, texture.

Start of a new print

The end result

It's Halloween time and I love seeing decorations all around. It's usually very inspiring for me. I was out running the other day and got an idea for a new piece. Back to three dimensions!

I saw this at the grocery store and loved it. It's so dopey and that's what I love about it. And how awesome that it uses candy! Candy is so fun to look at.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Finishing Up Some Prints

Close to being done with this print.  Made about six so that I would have options. Going to let them dry for a few days and then I'm planning to wax them and then I'm done!  Excited for the waxing part.  I did some drawing on the back and the wax will make the paper transparent and those details will actually show up.  I have a black beeswax, which I'm really interested to see how that looks (probably more like a grey) but I may end up just going with the plain old beeswax. 

Friday, October 4, 2013

Doin' it old school

in the studio today doing a little hand printing with a wooden spoon!  Been a very long time since i've done it but it gets the job done.  it's kind of fun to see the print reveal itself.  i feel like you get a lot of really delicate details when you hand print.  Paper choice is really the most important part - this is a thin, handmade Japanese paper.

i'm doing a light blue to use as a guide for the placement of the other colors. 

i've also been putting together LOTS of ikea furniture. it's a good puzzle for my brain, and it's actually kind of fun when you get in the groove... and when you're drinking champagne while you do it! 

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ledger Drawings

I'm working on a piece for a project I was invited to participate in called Re-Riding History.  The project centers around re-examining the capture and imprisonment of 72 Native Americans at Fort Marion in St. Augustine, Florida from 1875-1878. 72 artists will each create a piece based on some aspect of this event. The project was conceptualized and curated by John Hitchcock, Emily Arthur, and Marwin Begaye.

The ledger drawings are really incredible and beautiful. I was really drawn to this one with these blue owls.  I was very inspired by their simplicity and strangeness.  

This is the plate for my print.  I want to layer up a lot of colors as well but I think I am going to do all the colors using a really simple ink transfer method.  I usually just do straight relief - either multi block or reduction - so using another process in conjunction with the lino plate will be new for me.  I'm expanding my horizons... and also figuring out how to make work without a big, shiny print lab to work in.

Also, still trying to find the perfect studio set up.  Finally have a table!  Very important.  Still feels a little clutter-y.  Guess I just have a lot of stuff! 

It's Fall!

Working on getting back in the studio, and right now, that is coming in the form of home improvement projects. I've always wanted a tufted headboard, but they are just so darn expensive! I enjoyed making it, but I'm not crazy about the color. BUT it feels good to get our house in order, the color is growing on me, and now I've made the jump to working on art stuffs.

The finished product

CANDY CORN! The season is upon us! I'm in a candy corn hell of my own making :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Everything that has happened since April 29th (my last blog post!) in pictures

Back on my blogging game after a very eventful summer!  Goes from most recent to oldest.

LOVE Fred Stonehouse and his work! AND this poster!

Been doing a lot of DiY home stuff

helping to install my good friend Heather McCalla's ( AMAZiNG plaster and lathe car at the renovated Madison Public Library

Heather in the "zippy shell!"

Bent willow pods in the library - a collaboration between Tom Loeser and artist Dave Chapman.  i'm also in LOVE with these humungous wall decals by Derrick Buisch.  Love the scale and color and the drawings themselves.

Deinstalling my pieces that were in the Wisconsin institute of Discovery, thanks to Ms. Lynda Barry as part of her "Stealth Sculpture" project.  Coolest woman in the world! 

Storage unit!

New print for Women of the West Folio.  i documented my printing day for the blog "a beautiful party" by Ann Flowers.  Her blog and the post can be found at


love this rubylith.  it's kind of devilish and bizarro.

Moving day!  Just sawing our couch in half at 7:30 in the morning.  Pretty standard.

tiny squeegee at Penland School of Arts and Crafts

beautiful Penland, North Carolina

Awesome little moment by my friend Cat Snapp.  She makes really beautiful things!

Combo screenprint and relief - a first for me and VERY exciting.

Tickle Fight!

Just making art, obviously.

Empty studio - the end of an era

couldn't quite get everything in the car, but boy, did i try.  

Blackberry pictures = the poor man's instagram filter

Moscow mules!

workday shot during the summer relief class i taught at UW - really putting the lab through it's paces!

The Terrace!

love this scarf, a friend's girlfriend made it and did all the embellishments. it's a little outsider art-y, which is a very good thing.

Eyes were bigger than my stomach in this situation.

Very inspired by this show poster

John Hitchcock's piece at the Raudchenberg project space in Chelsea

Olbrich Garden - most beautiful place in Madison!

Etching on steel, different effect.

Final crit - AWESOME student work!